From labor and employment to activity at the SEC and computer fraud, Dorsey lawyers author the unique blogs described below. It’s the insight you need, from the experts who know.

SEC Actions

Written by Partner Tom Gorman, this is one of the most widely read blogs covering activity at the SEC and has as one of the LexisNexis Top 25 Business Law Blogs. Mr. Gorman is Co-chair of the ABA White Collar Crime Securities Section and a former member of the staff of Securities and Exchange Commission's Enforcement Division and Office of the General Counsel.

Quirky Questions
Real Life Labor & Employment Issues

Nearly every day, executives and managers, and the in-house counsel and Human Resources professionals who work with them, are confronted with unanticipated questions regarding the workforce. Just when they think they have "seen it all," along comes a new and often stranger scenario involving an odd twist to an area they thought they fully understood. These individuals often find themselves back at square one when trying to construct an appropriate response and devise a creative solution to the problem presented. Sometimes these "Quirky Questions" can be resolved easily; other times, they implicate practical and legal issues that are not immediately apparent. Quirky Questions helps you anticipate the unanticipated.

Dorsey ERISA Blog

Dorsey’s ERISA blog provides informative, up-to-date and easy-to-understand commentary on employee benefit matters.

War on Franchising

Franchising is a successful business model indigenous to the U.S. that has grown worldwide over the past 70 years. It provides customers with uniform quality of goods and services identified by a common brand. It provides franchisees with an opportunity to be in business “for yourself, but not by yourself”, since the franchisor provides training, support, a trademark, manuals, and a system of quality control.

Franchising has come under increasing attack in the past several years from a number of fronts. These challenges include state governments trying to increase tax revenue; unions struggling to organize franchised small businesses; and litigants with their own agendas.

This blog will chronicle these attacks, and give specific recommendations for franchisors and franchisees to preserve their business model.

FCA Now Blog

The False Claims Act is the government’s principal tool for addressing fraud in contracting, healthcare, mortgage lending, and grant administration. FCA Now provides timely developments about the law, enforcement trends, and other insights from Dorsey’s proven FCA litigators.

Consumer Financial Services Blog

This blog, published by the attorneys of Dorsey & Whitney LLP’s Consumer Financial Services Practice Group, discusses cutting-edge legal issues impacting the consumer financial services industry.

Consumer Products Law Blog

Dorsey’s Consumer Products Law blog provides visitors with informative, up-to-date and easy-to-understand commentary on consumer products matters. Our purpose is to help manufacturers, importers, warehousers, retailers, e-tailers, consumers, and lenders better understand the legal issues impacting the consumer products industry.

US China Trade War

This blog is the outgrowth of a newsletter that Dorsey Partner Bill Perry created to monitor US trade and other litigation against US and Chinese companies. Before representing US and Chinese companies in international trade cases for more than 20 years, Bill worked at the US International Trade Commission (“ITC”) and Commerce Department on various trade cases in Washington DC.

Based on his experience, he can categorically state that there is now an ongoing trade war between the United States and China. The best kept secret, however, is that the real targets of these US cases are not Chinese companies, but US companies that import products into the United States. US importers are the companies liable for antidumping and countervailing duties in cases against China. US import companies are also liable in intellectual property/337 cases, False Claims Act/Customs Fraud and Products Liability cases. The primary target of this trade war is the US companies involved in trade with China, not the Chinese companies. This is truly a brave new world.

Computer Fraud

Nick Akerman's blog provides content on cutting edge legal issues relating to the protection of computer data, data breaches, corporate computer policies, court interpretations of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and state and federal compliance requirements. The site also follows trends in cybercrime and how prosecutors, including the Department of Justice, are investigating and prosecuting computer crime.

Left Coast Law

Dorsey partner Kent Schmidt looks at the unique challenges of navigating California's laws and the impact the legal system in the "Golden State" is having on business, residents and consumers in California and across the country.

Urban Infrastructure

Dorsey’s Urban Infrastructure Blog provides insight into finance and land use strategies related to the redevelopment, improvement and expansion of urban infrastructure in metropolitan regions. We explore the theoretical underpinnings and practical implementation of innovations in project and public finance, such as variants of public-private partnerships and development incentives. We follow and critique changes in the dynamic regulatory landscape impacting urban infrastructure projects, including local, state and national regulation of finance, procurement, land use, and design. We track local, state and national legislative developments impacting the authority of state and local political jurisdictions to undertake and fund urban infrastructure projects. We profile innovative projects globally, with a focus on U.S. metropolitan areas. And we examine the emerging focus on integrating urban infrastructure development strategies with land use considerations for surrounding areas.