LegalMine Document Review Solutions

The Document Explosion

Even a seemingly routine legal matter can produce an astonishing number of documents. Email messages, word processing files, spreadsheets, legal agreements, memos – an ever greater number of computer users leaves an ever growing amount of electronic records. And improved storage capacity means those records remain indefinitely.

In a business dispute, the outcome often turns on the ability to analyze documents. Quickly finding “smoking gun” documents – your opponent’s or your own – allows you to adopt the most advantageous legal strategy and obtain the most favorable results.

The LegalMine™ Solution

LegalMine™, the Dorsey e-discovery service, offers our clients a powerful tool to review huge quantities of documents – efficiently, thoroughly and accurately. This in-house, dedicated resource delivers powerful advantages:

Quality. LegalMine™ staff are overseen by Dorsey attorneys, hired and trained specifically for document review. Immersed in the Dorsey culture of quality, excellence and client service, our professional review attorneys augment powerful technology with judgment honed through experience.

Integration. A senior associate involved in your matter supervises the LegalMine™ review process, so you receive continuous, first-rate legal service from a team that understands your business, your goals and your specific matter.

Reduced Costs. Powerful technology, used by skilled and experienced e-discovery attorneys, reduces review time drastically, thereby cutting legal costs. Further efficiencies follow: fewer documents – and the most relevant ones – are passed along for review by the litigation team.

Predictability. Both time and cost can be accurately estimated before the review process begins. So you know ahead of time what your review costs will be and when you’ll have the documents crucial to your matter.

Security. The information we examine stays within our walls. Every professional who reviews information connected to your matter is bound by strict rules of confidentiality and discretion.


Litigation: First Pass Legal Review

In a dispute, finding what’s relevant is the first crucial step, and that’s where LegalMine™ excels. Using the leading e-discovery software tools, we capture the most important documents early in the review process, enabling us to spend more time with the documents that matter.

In a matter of days, the LegalMine™ team can eliminate document clutter and identify the information most relevant and most important to your case. These documents then undergo further analysis by the Dorsey trial team, who use them to support your legal strategy. The benefits: increased speed, increased relevance, decreased cost.

Transactional Due Diligence

A large transaction means a large number of documents that must be reviewed. Real estate holdings, leases, employment agreements, documents related to intellectual property, licenses, and legal agreements of all kinds – you need a firm handle on vast amounts of information to structure a fair, solid deal. LegalMine’s™ search capabilities help you see the whole picture.

Internal Investigations

Proactive companies are much more likely to avoid business disputes and clashes with regulators. A thorough review of employment contracts, communications, regulatory filings, company policies and more can help you identify and manage issues before they become problematic.

To learn more about LegalMine™ – services, pricing, process and more – contact your Dorsey attorney today.