Intellectual Property Litigation

Dorsey’s years of success and experience in intellectual property litigation have earned our litigators national recognition. Dorsey is one of only seven law firms listed as “Top Ranked Primary IP and IP Litigation” firm by independent BTI Consulting Group in 2009. IP Law & Business has recognized us as one of the “go-to firms for the world’s most forward-thinking companies.” Intellectual Property Today has called us a “Top 5” general practice firm in intellectual property, and Dorsey has been included in IP Law 360 designation of the top 20 IP Litigation firms.

Dorsey’s patent litigators have litigated and won cases in courts around the country, from the District of Minnesota to the Patent and Trademark Office, from the Eastern District of Texas to the Eastern District of Virginia. Dorsey litigators won a $17.5 million jury verdict in a California federal court for our client Osteotech in a case involving osteoinductive bone repair gels and putties. Dorsey won jury verdicts establishing willful infringement in two cases involving liquid shrimp feeds for Cargill, Inc. They have invalidated patents for defendants and obtained summary judgments establishing validity and infringement for plaintiffs.  Dorsey’s patent litigation team has also been active in counseling and defending our clients in various jurisdictions against a growing wave of qui tam cases involving allegations of false patent marking.

Dorsey lawyers also try and win high-stakes trade secret, copyright, trademark, false advertising, and unfair competition cases. A Dorsey trial team representing our client Cisco Systems won a complete defense verdict after two months of trial, in a case seeking over $400 million in damages for alleged misappropriation of trade secrets concerning computer storage technology. One of our partners obtained the first-ever preliminary injunction employing the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to enjoin unauthorized entry of a company database through a public Web site. A Dorsey trial team representing our client Vascular Solutions, Inc., won a $4.5 million jury verdict, and defeated the defendant’s $40 million counterclaim, in a product disparagement and false advertising case involving the use of bovine thrombin in specialized medical bandages. Another Dorsey trial team representing our client Wildlife Research Center won a $4.8 million jury verdict in a Lanham Act false advertising case.

Dorsey possesses technical expertise to match its litigators’ trial skills. Patent lawyers available to work with litigators include over a dozen electrical engineering degrees and many with mechanical engineering and chemistry degrees. Our litigators work closely with such patent lawyers from the beginning of each case, ensuring that we have a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ patents and products. We know our clients’ respective success is based on their products and their reputations. Dorsey litigators fight to maintain the integrity of each.

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