Health Litigation

In the health care industry, litigation is at best a costly distraction and at worst a grave threat. Even in the smallest dispute, reputations are at stake. Which is why health care entities across the country turn to Dorsey for their most important litigation. With extensive industry experience and tested litigation skills, we bring an informed perspective to health care disputes.

Experienced, Capable

Dorsey represents clients in all areas of the health care industry, including: hospitals, clinics, specialty care centers, academic medical centers, individual professionals, managed care organizations, certifying boards and specialty associations.

To contain financial exposure, Dorsey encourages alternative forms of dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. At the same time, when a trial is necessary, Dorsey is prepared and capable to go the distance. In case after case, our attorneys have defeated claims in their entirety, won dismissals for clients, or reduced award amounts significantly.

Comprehensive Service

The claims Dorsey handles involve a diverse range of legal needs.

  • False Claims Act/Qui Tam Litigation
    A growing concern in the health care industry. Resolving these disputes requires legal counsel who can navigate a complex tangle of regulations. 
  • Antitrust
    From denial of hospital privileges to anti-trust disputes between competing hospitals, the Dorsey team has helped clients navigate a variety of antitrust matters.
  • Medical negligence actions
    Our team represents health care providers in the full range of malpractice actions.
  • Insurance coverage disputes & policy analysis
    Dorsey represents providers and professional associations in coverage actions and disputes with carriers. We also review risk management programs to anticipate potential issues and help clients obtain favorable coverage terms.
  • Employment issues
    Drawing on the firm’s deep experience in labor and employment litigation, Dorsey successfully manages both common labor disputes and those that are specific to the health care industry.
  • Professional credentialing
    Dorsey attorneys represent physicians, professional boards, medical associations and hospitals in credentialing investigations.
  • Commercial & contract disputes
    Clinics and physicians rely on Dorsey for counsel on a wide range of commercial disputes, including real estate matters and software licensing. 
  • Federal & state criminal investigations
    Targets and subjects of investigations, as well as witnesses, turn to Dorsey for help with health care fraud allegations, including false claims submissions, unnecessary services billing, and violations of anti-kickback statutes. 
  • Consumer class actions
    As a go-to firm for major litigation, Dorsey has the experience and infrastructure to manage large, complex class actions.
  • Certificate of need
    Dorsey attorneys represent health care clients in every aspect of obtaining and defending certificates of need. We have also represented intervening hospitals in opposition to proposed certificates of need. Our certificate of need experience includes advice work and administrative, superior court and appellate hearings.

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