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Bold landscapes. Bold vision.

Since its early days as a Gold Rush boomtown, Denver has been a place for big ideas. Today, Denver companies explore new frontiers in technology, medicine, finance, software and more. With an entrepreneurial business community, a supportive local government, and a culture that rewards creativity and risk, Denver innovations fuel American business in the 21st century. As a go-to law firm for many of the Rocky Mountain region’s most successful companies, Dorsey helps enterprises grow and succeed, whether it’s protecting intellectual assets or streamlining an acquisition. Dorsey brings home-grown legal skills and big-firm resources that Denver clients rely on to do business. In the Denver region and across U.S. and international borders.

Strong Where it Matters Most

In key legal areas that dramatically impact Denver business, Dorsey packs a strong punch.

Trial. Dorsey attorneys are seasoned litigators and proven trial lawyers, able to draw upon deep experience in more than 60 legal practice areas. Dorsey litigation, arbitration and trial experience includes:

  • Class action litigation
  • Commercial contracts
  • Corporate governance compliance
  • Banking
  • Intellectual property
  • Labor and employment
  • Products liability
  • Securities litigation
  • Capital markets transactions

Intellectual Property. To safeguard business interests and competitive advantages, Dorsey helps companies protect, leverage and defend intellectual property assets. Dorsey combines real-world experience, advanced technical knowledge, and a broad array of legal services to be a powerful business ally. Companies rely on us for a full range of IP activities, including:

  • Patent and trademark prosecution
  • Validity and infringement opinion of counsel and analysis
  • Intellectual property due diligence and audits
  • Portfolio management
  • Intellectual property litigation

Corporate Transactions. Dorsey attorneys do deals. Lots of them. We counsel public and private companies of all sizes, financial sponsors, private equity firms, and investment bankers. With a solid understanding of both sides of the transaction table – and equally strong experience doing business internationally – Dorsey attorneys help complete a full range of corporate transactions, including:

  • Cross-border transactions
  • Acquisitions
  • Sales
  • Divestitures
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Recapitalizations
  • Takeover defense
  • Strategic partnerships

Financial Restructuring and Banking. A wide variety of lending transactions, including cash flow, asset-based and mezzanine financing; intricate syndicated and non-syndicated asset-based acquisition loans, capital expenditure and equipment loans, including cross-border collateralization issues; advising national banks, multi-bank holding companies and foreign bank matters.

Hometown Team. Global Perspective.

Dorsey clients in Denver and the Rocky Mountain region also benefit from the collaborative service, efficiency and value that our global platform provides. In offices across the United States, Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, an integrated team of lawyers tailors deep experience and considerable skill to the client circumstances at-hand. An equally experienced staff of paralegals, case managers, researchers and technology specialists are dedicated to supporting clients virtually anywhere they need to do business.

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